Monday, March 03, 2008

Bird Feeders P1,2
P1,2 have been working hard to help the birds on this cold weather by making different kinds of bird feeder for the garden. Here is how we did it:

Apple Seed Feeder
We got an apple and we put a hole in the apple. Then we put string through the apple and we put a pencil at the end. We put sunflower seeds in it. Then we hung the bird feeder on the tree.
By Connor

Pine Cone Bird Feeders
First we got a pine cone. Then we got lard and seeds and raisins. Next we mixed raisins and sunflower seeds and lard. Finally we got a handful of the lard and put it onto the pine cone. Then get string and tie it onto the pine cone. Then tie it onto a tree.
By Emily

Seed Cake Feeders
First of all we put the fat in the bowl. Before you put the seeds in the bowl you mix it. Then put holes in a pot. After you put holes in fill it up. Then you put it in the fridge. When it is all frozen you hang them on a tree.
By Ellen

Bottle Bird Feeder
First you get string and a bottle and scissors. You get the bottle and get the scissors and make a hole in the bottle. Next you tie string round the lid. Next you fill it up. Next hang it up.
By Eilidh

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Port Ellen Primary School said...

Dear P1/2
It is so nice to read about all your lovely school grounds activities - keep up the good work!
From Mrs Johnston