Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Brilliant Beginings On the 15th/3rd/06 we had a meeting and at the meeting we talked about fundrasing for our all weather pitch and right now we have £15 000 and we need £32000 in total !!!! In Port Ellen the Royal Bank of Scotland we might be putting collection buckets in the bank because we raised quite alot of money last time . Next week we are aiming to do a beach clean on the 30th of march. There will also be a bingo night in the Lodge that will take place on the 28th of April the night the french trip people come back.As you already know we are selling things on Ebay and we have made £50 but we have a request to sell things like clothes from the distilleries e.g.caps, jumpers, tops and everything because they are easy to post. So thats all for now thanks for reading.
By Cogs,Dee and Fluff

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Anonymous said...

Well done you three - keep up the good work! I am sure lots of people will be glad to read about everything Brilliant Beginnings does for our community and school