Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Here is cogs and fluff,we are here to tell you what has been happening with the Brilliant Beginnings team and what is going to happen! First of all we are going to tell you how much we made for the Beach clean,Bingo and ebay.For the Beach clean we raised £900. We a great time, weather was good and we did a very good job. For the bingo we raised roughly £150 and we got a very nice donation from the Port Ellen Bowling Club for £500. So far on E-bay we have raised over £300 which is FANTASTIC!

We have lots of exciting ideas, like, P.7 are making a float for the Feis and the theme is Boats and Buses. That will be held on the 3rd June. Also on the 3rd June there is a shinty Tournement.

Mrs MacDonald and Jeramy Hastings have been working on a pond. They have made the test holes and the test holes are three feet deep and two feet wide.They made the test holes to see if
the water would rise by its self and if not we would have to put lining down in the pond.
On Monday test hole 1 got 13cm,test two got 9cm and test hole was damp.
Then on Tuseday in test hole one was 1cm,test hole two had know water and the same with test hole three.
Then on Wednesday all of the test holes had no water in them.

On Friday the 12th all of the classes are making eco banners.They will be going up all over the school.That will be fun for everyone to do and will remind us of the eco school code.

We'll keep you updated on more BB news!

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hiya guys its dee and fluff here !!!! and its great to cya guys lots of love !!! dee nd fluff!
hiya cogs, rau and wuffles! from the high schhol guys!